• LIVE at The DSRP

    Join us as we present an intimate night of music with some of the best professional artists from the region and beyond. For each show, The Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music is transformed into an intimate candle-lit concert venue. Money from ticket donations goes to provide tuition and equipment to children in need. Enjoy a night on the town, enjoy the music, and enjoy helping kids live a life with LIVE music. Read More
  • Equipment Donation Program

    The Live the Music Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit public charity dedicated to providing music education to students of all backgrounds and diversities and to our community. In its capacity as a public charity, the Foundation operates in affiliation with The Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music®. The Foundation believes that learning starts from one’s pursuit of excellence in one discipline and grows from there for a lifetime. Music, for some, is that discipline and the Foundation exists to help those people. Through our many industry partnerships, we will use your donation to help as many student musicians as possible. Read More
  • Give Now!

    Live the Music Foundation is a dynamic organization that aims to make a difference in students’ lives and the community by increasing the availability of live music. A life with music is a life enriched. The organization encourages students and concert attendees to be part of something bigger than themselves, to be engaged and inspired, and to connect with others. Live the Music Foundation advocates for LIVE contemporary music by creating a sense of community around music participation. By making music relevant and a shared experience, Live the Music Foundation offers a compelling musical experience for all. Read More
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Our Vision:

The Live the Music Foundation believes in enriching lives through music education and performance. Music is for life.

Our Mission:

To make music accessible by:

  • Providing tuition support to motivated students in need of assistance;
  • Advocating music participation;
  • Supporting live music;
  • Managing equipment donations and gifts;
  • And funding equipment-related capital campaigns.


Live the Music Foundation is an organization dedicated to enriching lives through music education and performance. Live the Music Foundation believes that sharing music with others enhances lives by offering people the best experience and means to express their musical passions. We believe in the importance of enriching lives with the art of music. Therefore, the organization seeks to increase the accessibility of music participation to everyone in the community by sponsoring live music events, funding education scholarships and equipment-related capital campaigns.

The founders of the Live the Music Foundation have experienced the impact of music within their own lives and believe in sharing the gift of music with others. Noting a decrease in local live music performances and an increase in financial need for promising students, the founders see an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of passionate students who seek to have a positive impact on the world.

Please partner with us today and offer your support in making a real difference…because music is for life.