SUSAN NORTON – President

Susan comes to the foundation with a diverse business and entrepreneurship background. She has seen music be the saving grace for her daughter and hopes to instill that passion into other students and parents. She serves the foundation by leading  the management and fundraising activities.










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CHRIS KNACK – Vice President/Secretary

Chris has a background in automotive sculpting and has a passion and flair for the arts, being both a musician and artist. He plans and produces many productions in his spare time both in a professional capacity and also at his church. He serves the organization in an operations capacity. When an event or project is happening, Chris takes the lead to show up and be hands on with accomplishing the task.

JOSH LACKOWSKI – Marketing Manager/Treasurer

Josh graduated from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit Michigan in 2003 and currently plays in professional music groups around the region.  He also works in Sales and Marketing for the auto industry managing magazine publications, direct communications and creating a wide range of marketing materials. Coming from a musical family, he witnessed firsthand the true power of performing live music with others and the positive impact it has on the human spirit. Josh serves on the board of trustees and helps implement marketing campaigns and produces creative materials for the foundation.