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Live Music Advocacy

Live the Music Foundation is a dynamic organization that aims to make a difference in students’ lives and the community by increasing the availability of live music. A life with music is a life enriched. The organization encourages students and concert attendees to be part of something bigger than themselves, to be engaged and inspired, and to connect with others.

Live the Music Foundation advocates for LIVE contemporary music by creating a sense of community around music participation. By making music relevant and a shared experience, Live the Music Foundation offers a compelling musical experience for audiences, musicians and students combined. Through this shared experience the art form and process can be passed on to new audiences for generations to come. Music is for life; the lives of the musicians, the lives of the audiences they touch, the lives of the students that they mentor, and the lives of those in the communities that are blessed with their art.

The foundation supports live music by producing concerts and events in conjunction with their partners at The Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music. Each winter and fall the school presents their “LIVE at The Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music” concert series. It’s an intimate night of music with some of the best professional music artists from Metro Detroit and beyond. The school’s space is transformed into an intimate candle-lit concert venue. Students are invited to help the artist prep for the show at soundcheck and hear their stories and music at no cost as a means of inspiration and motivation to keep working hard.

Through equipment and grant support, the school is also able to participate in many community concerts, festivals and events each summer in Metro Detroit. The school’s Summer Rocks! program takes the show on the road each August on trip across the country to bring music to many underserved audiences. Without the foundation’s support, none of this would be possible.