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The Live The Music Foundation believes that music is for life. The benefits to cognitive function at a young age, the character and social training that is gained from group participation, and the life-long joy it can bring to the musicians and those around them are invaluable. Live music exposure and training at young ages provides a means for individuals to connect people of a diverse background in a positive and rewarding way.

Despite extensive literature supporting the cognitive and social benefits of participating in music, there has been a decrease in the amount of funding for music education in the schools. Competition for resources as well as the No Child Left Behind initiative has caused many school systems to provide only basic exposure to music. This funding reduction is particularly widespread in lower socioeconomic areas. Further, when music education is offered, it is often focused on chamber or classical styles that do not seem relevant to young students.

Given the reduction in public music education, students often seek to participate in music education outside of school. Yet a sluggish economy has lead to greater difficultly in paying for instruction. Many of these students are at-risk youth that would highly benefit from participating in music.

The foundation provides support of music education by providing: scholarships and music programs for individuals in need, equipment grants to organizations in need of help. Also through it’s support of LIVE music in the community, the foundation regularly sponsors events for student musicians to meet and perform with professional musicians.


Check the “Scholarship Application” page for a list of scholarship opportunities.

Equipment Grant Programs:

Check the “Equipment Grants” page for a list of grant opportunities.