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Adults Rock Too!

The Live The Music Foundation (LTMF) Dave Lonzo Memorial Scholarship is open to students of any race, religion, color, national or ethnic origin seeking financial aid to attend a session of The Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music’s (DSRP) Adult Band Production Program.

6 Month Scholarship for adult music student to play in The Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music’s Adult Band Program at no cost.

The LTMF will provide one full scholarship for 6 months for an adult student candidate. No financial documentation is required. An application and video audition for our scholarship committee is required. The available scholarship is limited and they will cover only the “band program” portion of the tuition cost. Should a student choose to enroll in other DSRP programs, candidate will be responsible for covering that tuition themselves. The full scholarship will cover the total tuition cost for the adult band program. The recipient will still have a few incidental costs associated with performances such as parking at events or other similar incidentals.

Goals of Program:

  • Celebrate the life and spirit of our former student and friend, Dave Lonzo.
  • Encourage adults to work on their music.
  • Encourage community among musicians.
  • Drive attention and support for The Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music and its ability to foster community and collaboration amongst passionate music lovers.

Qualities of Recipient:

  • Adult
  • Team Player
  • Loves Music
  • Encourages Others
  • First Opportunity to play in a band
  • Could be Current DSRP Student or New One – Must be new to band program.
  • As this scholarship covers the Adult Band Program only, applicant must possess some music skill prior to program or be enrolled in private music lessons concurrently so as to keep up with your obligations to playing in the band program. 

How to Apply:

  • Please fill out the form below.
  • Please include an Audition Video Link: (YouTube/Facebook/FTP/Vimeo/etc.) – Submit a 3 minute video of you playing or singing. It could be a few “pieces” of songs, or one complete song. You are welcome and encouraged to talk and speak about your desire to be the scholarship recipient and what it would mean to you. The selection committee will each watch these videos.


MAY 15th, 2024


  • Must be an adult over the age of 18.
  • Must be able to attend weekly rehearsals at The Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music’s facility in Royal Oak, Michigan.
  • Must attend all program rehearsals. Missing more than 2 is grounds for dismissal from program.
  • Previous LTMF scholarship recipients are disqualified.
  • Must abide by and demonstrate all of the “Expectations of Students” and “Code of Conduct” of The Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music.
  • The Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music reserves the right to end program participation for recipient at any time.
  • Scholarship has no cash value and is not redeemable or transferrable.
  • Applicant must audition for and be accepted as a formal student at The Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music.

Program Location: 
The Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music
1109 South Washington
Royal Oak, Michigan 48067

PLEASE NOTE: A student receiving a LTMF scholarship is not automatically registered in a program. A Detroit School Of Rock and Pop Music “Enrollment Form” must be completed and an audition with the DSRP Executive Director must be scheduled in order to be enrolled. The application may be submitted after you receive notification of scholarship. All DSRP enrollment is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, and a scholarship award does not guarantee or reserve enrollment for a student. Please contact The Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music for enrollment process questions.











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     Music Background and Experience: (ESSAY QUESTION!)


     What would playing or singing in a band mean for your music? (ESSAY QUESTION!)


     After you attain some music skills and experience, how will you use it to better your community?(ESSAY QUESTION)


     Please share a link to a video of you playing or singing online: (Could be a Facebook or YouTube Video?)


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